Nutrition and Inflammation

In order to be our healthiest version of ourselves, a primary goal of should be to prevent inflammation in the body. The classic western diet is riddled with overly processed foods that exacerbates inflammation on a daily basis. Short-term this can make it difficult to lose weight, gain muscle and can have a negative impact on our mental health. Long-term it can begin the process of chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, heart disease). 

Foods to avoid:

  1. Deep fried foods
  2. Sugar/Sweeteners (artificial and natural)
  3. Saturated fat (fatty meats/high fat dairy)

Foods to eat daily:

  1. Beans/Lentils (3 servings, 130g cooked beans, 60 hummus)
  2. Fruits (3 per day, 1 medium fruit, 40g dried fruit)
  3. Leafy Greens (2 servings per day, 60 raw, 90g cooked)
  4. Flaxseed (1 serving, 1 TBSP ground)
  5. Grains (3 servings, 100g hot cereal, 1 slice of bread)
  6. Berries (1 serving, 60g fresh or frozen, 40g dried)
  7. Cruciferous Greens (1 serving, 30-80g chopped, 1TBSP horseradish)
  8. Vegetables (2 servings per day, 50g non-leafy vegetables) 
  9. Nuts (1 serving, 30g nuts, 2TBSP nut butter)
  10. Spices (1 serving per day, ¼ tsp turmeric)
  11. 3-4+L of water per day

If you have any questions about how reducing inflammation with your lifestyle could help you reach your goals please contact Crossfit Unknown Element’s nutrition team. 

-Nate Hand 


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