Is It Really Our Circumstance?

I’m guessing a lot of you have tried to change your way of eating that was time-sensitive.  Maybe it was a 10 day challenge to eat no sugar or 30 days of eating only whole foods.  I’ve done multiple nutrition challenges that were a certain number of days.  What I found myself saying and what I heard others saying is “I could be more successful if I didn’t have XYZ going on.”  If I didn’t have a family birthday party to go to; If I didn’t have to go out of town for the weekend; If it wasn’t Super Bowl weekend or 4th of July; If the family didn’t want to go out to eat for dinner; If only I could just be at home I could just eat healthy food.  I would meal prep and I wouldn’t be tempted to eat all the other stuff.

Ok so right now we aren’t going to birthday parties.  We aren’t getting together for social gatherings.  No one is having parties that we feel obligated to attend or truly enjoy attending.  So now, more than ever, we should be set up for nutritionally success.  

But from my own experience and what I’m hearing from friends, family, and clients is  that isn’t the case.  A lot of individuals are struggling with nutrition now more than ever.  But why?  If we have removed so many of the temptations that many of us struggle with why are we still struggling?

Well now there are different temptations.  Maybe the kids are at home snacking often and you snack with them.  Maybe there seems like more time to bake yummy treats.  Maybe your life has been flipped upside down and high levels of stress cause you to eat more.  Maybe you were used to taking all your food and snacks with you to work and not having the temptations in the next room.  Maybe you’re not meal prepping because you’re home all day.  Maybe XYZ. 

I think it boils down to the fact that there are never going to be perfect conditions that allow us to only make healthy choices.  But therein lies the answer.  We have the choice.  We can choose to continue meal prepping.  We can choose to give the kids healthy snacks – fruits, veggies, or low sugar yogurt. We can choose to keep our water bottle with us.  If we are supporting a local restaurant we can choose a healthy option.  We can choose to put all of our food that we would take to work in a spot in the fridge and only eat that for the day.  

We can also choose to have someone help hold us accountable.  For many of us we have knowledge.  We know what to do but we need someone to remind us to do it and why it’s important to us.  We are here to help!  If you’re in a situation you’ve never been in and feel like you don’t even know where to start we can help with that too.  Feel free to reach out to us by responding to this email or clicking here.  We are in this together even if we are apart.  



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