How to Avoid Hanger

I walked into the kitchen, opened the cabinet, and grabbed the most convenient item I could find which happened to be a bag of tortilla chips.  It was so close to dinner time, but I hadn’t eaten since lunch about 5 hours earlier.  I was a little hungry earlier but I was busy doing stuff and just kept on working.  And now I was STARVING!!! Or at least I felt like it.  I proceeded to eat chips while I started preparing dinner.  Who knows how many “servings” I actually consumed.  

This is one thing that happens when we don’t listen to our bodies’ hunger cues.  We make quick, not so healthy, choices and pay no attention to how much we consume.  Another common result of not having a small snack when we hear our body tell us we are hungry is that when meal time actually comes we tend to overeat, and, it’s usually not those super healthy veggies that make the 2nd helping list.

How can we avoid these 2 common activities that deter us from our nutrition goals?  It’s really a pretty simple idea, can be easy to implement,  and once the habit is established can be maintained long-term.  

Have a healthy snack!!!

What do I mean by healthy snack? No I’m not talking about a few carrot sticks or a handful of broccoli florets.  Maybe “have a balanced snack” would be a better way to describe it.  It’s really easy to grab an apple or banana or a handful of nuts, however, the fruit will give us energy but not leave us very satisfied, while the nuts may leave us satisfied they won’t boost our energy much.  The key is to have a snack consisting of protein, carbs, and fat.  The other key is to have these ready and easy to grab or take with you on the go.  Here are some ideas!!

  • Apple & hard boiled egg
  • Apple, turkey, and avocado
  • Hummus and carrots/celery/broccoli 
  • Rice cake with turkey and hummus
  • Greek yogurt (0%fat) with berries and nuts
  • Protein pancakes and almond butter
  • Canadian bacon, fruit, nuts

On the go snacks:  many of these you can prepare to take with you but here are some others

  • Rx Bars or Kind (low sugar) bars
  • Oikos greek yogurt with nuts
  • Jerky and applesauce squeeze packets

If you have any questions about healthy snacks or any other nutrition questions feel free to contact us or click here for a free no snack consult.



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