Curious about Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting (better known as time restricted feeding) has become a very popular diet topic online over the past few years. There is an abundance of great research on this topic however, there are a multitude of internet health gurus that are adulterating or misinterpreting the data. In case you aren’t familiar with the topic, I will give a brief overview. While following intermittent fasting you are supposed to eat all of your meals within an 8-12 hour window. The intended effect is to aid with weight loss and a general improvement of your health. The idea is that you aren’t necessarily decreasing the amount that you are eating, you are only narrowing the time window that you are consuming calories. If your goal is weight loss, I still recommend a caloric deficit and that your diet primarily consist of calories from quality food sources (whole foods). 

Research says:

      -It can help with weight loss, reduce fat mass, improve heart function, and enhance aerobic capacity without altering diet quality or quantity. 

      -Shown to improve fasting insulin levels and blood pressure independent of weight loss. The improvements seen in blood pressure are similar to that from taking anti-hypertensive drugs. 

      -Weight loss likely due to reduced appetite. In test subjects, reduced levels of the hormone responsible for appetite were recorded. 

      -Reduction in production of the pro-inflammatory hormone cortisol. Typically cortisol production is higher in times of stress. High cortisol levels make it difficult to lose body fat mass, build muscle and can have negative cognitive effects over time. 

      -In healthy adults an 8 hour feeding window along with resistance training has shown to improve insulin sensitivity, decrease fat mass and maintain muscle mass. 

      -Increased longevity seen in rodent models. 

If you have any questions about intermittent fasting/time restricted feeding please feel free to reach out to me for further details of how to implement it for optimum results. 



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