Healthy Holiday Recipes

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means Christmas isn’t far off either.  For some of us, this holiday season may look different than

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Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips Many of us will soon be venturing out to visit family and friends for the holidays. If you aren’t prepared with a

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How’s Your Sleep?

Modern life has increased time demands that have decreased time for self-care. Many people are surviving on deficient amounts of sleep due to their hectic

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Why Exercise?

This month we are focusing on the different aspects of overall health.  You’ve heard from Coach Sam about stress management and Coach Nate gave you

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Nutrition and Inflammation

In order to be our healthiest version of ourselves, a primary goal of should be to prevent inflammation in the body. The classic western diet

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How to Avoid Hanger

I walked into the kitchen, opened the cabinet, and grabbed the most convenient item I could find which happened to be a bag of tortilla

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CrossFit Newbie

I still remember my first CrossFit class. I was terrified walking into an open garage door revealing a huge gym with a bunch of athletes,

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