Grocery Store Out of Your Healthy Staples?

During this time of uncertainty, the grocery store can look pretty bare is certain places. This can lead to frustration and the uncertainty of what to buy to feed your family! Try not to stress and focus on still consuming whole, nutrient dense foods as this will help your immune system ready to fight. Here are hopefully some helpful times on how to shop:

Is the produce section limited? If all of the chicken breast is gone, try to grab some lean ground beef, lean pork chops, or chicken thighs.

Here are some alternative protein sources you can also use to make sure you’re fueling your muscles:

  • Black beans(good carb source)

  • Kidney beans(good carb source)

  • Lentils(good carb source)

  • Chickpeas(good carb source)

  • Quinoa(good carb source)

  • Legume based pasta (good carb source)

  • Bone broth

  • Protein enriched products (oatmeal, pancake mix)(good carb source)

  • Protein powder

  • Collagen powder

  • Canned tuna, salmon, chicken

  • egg/egg whites

  • Protein bars

  • Low-fat dairy products 

Are they out of stock of your normal fruits or vegetables? 

  • This is a chance to try new vegetables and fruits! Look up recipes for certain things and you may find a new favorite vegetable that becomes a staple. An examples could be buying red cabbage and red onion then sautéed on the stove top with oil and seasoning (I just made this the other night and it was SO GOOD)! 

  • I challenge you to find a new veggie and figure out your favorite way of cooking it. 

  • You can look for canned and frozen veggies, even though they may be hard to come by. 

  • If you have trouble finding any, I encourage you to make a big salad to go along with lunch and dinner! Load it with spinach, kale, romaine, arugula, avocados, a few sliced almonds, goat cheese, olive oil and lemon w/ seasonings. This is super nutrient dense and is a great side dish to your meal.

  • If they are low on your normal fruit, you can buy unsweetened applesauce, canned fruits in juice NOT high fructose corn syrup, or frozen berries if they have them.

Hopefully these tips help! Happy shopping and we will get through this together. Remember it’s temporary and focus on the things you CAN control! 

-Coach Sam 


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