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Money.  Cash. Moolah.  Dollars. Dough.  Currency. Legal Tender.  Loot. Bucks. Change. You can say it ten different ways, but the bottom line is that money plays a big role in your life.  You need money to eat, drive to work or your kids to school, for clothes, water, electricity, rent/mortgage and those are the necessities.  Let’s not forget about all the extras – phones, internet, cable/streaming services, entertainment, pets (ok maybe more of a necessity), and travel.  Can you think of the last time you went more than a couple days without interacting with money somehow?  

Like you, money was part of my everyday life.  I thought I was not in control of my money, but it was more like, my money was in control of me.  I didn’t ever really sit down and think to myself, hmm…..what will my money do for me? Instead I would swipe my piece of plastic, debit and/or credit and wait for the bill or until I looked online to see what would happen next.  There was no plan and definitely no goal. I THOUGHT I had so much freedom but that was far from the truth.

In 2016, everything began to change.  Some amazing people spoke truth into our life.  They said they didn’t use credit cards and didn’t believe in fiances vehicles or anything else for that matter.  I remember thinking, well, they’re weird and that just isn’t possible. I got my first credit card when I was 18 and had at least one, sometimes two, for the next 15 years.  That’s okay right and even pretty normal. I finally stopped and looked at my overall financial picture. In the last 15 years I had worked full time or worked part-time and went to school.  Financially all I had to show was a massive amount of student loan, and I had encouraged my husband to also get into debt. $85,000 in debt.  How did we get here?  

But that didn’t matter because we couldn’t change the past.  The main question became how do we get where we want to be? It took sacrifice, teamwork, diligence, having a plan, and setting goals.  Fast forward 3 years and we are 100% debt free – no credit cards, no car payments, and no student loans. We’re building our retirement up and we have a cash emergency fund.  I work because I love what I do not because I have to. Our life has been completely changed because someone spoke truth to us. 

I too will speak this truth to anyone who will listen.  You can have financial freedom, control over your finances, and the power to make choices based on what is best for you and your family.  Please join us Saturday March 14 at 1 pm for our Financial Fitness Seminar and learn more. It could change your life!



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