Why is Olympic Weightlifting my favorite part of CrossFit?

The first time I tried out CrossFit was in February 2013. I was looking for something else as I had been doing P90X at home for some time, and wanted to mix things up. As I participated more and more in group classes, I got what I asked for and I gained some confidence in my abilities to do everything, but I was super nervous each time we had to use a barbell. I had limited experience even trying to Squat with a barbell or Deadlift, much less Snatching or Clean & Jerking.

Needless to say, it took a long time before I really figured out how to properly Snatch or Clean & Jerk. It was frustrating! I started coming to the pad on the weekends just so I could get more time with the barbell, trying to figure out Cleans. One particular Sunday, I must have tried to Clean 100 lbs like 10 times before I finally got it. After that, I would show up to group class and let out a little sigh of disappointment if the workout didn’t involve a barbell. The coach would tell me, “Sherrie, we can’t always use a barbell for the workout. That’s not the point of CrossFit.”

Well, a year into my CrossFit experience, CFUE opened up and I was able to spend a lot more time doing CrossFit classes, and Greg even encouraged me to do a little extra training. The gym started holding specialty clubs including a weightlifting club, Greg asked me to join the coaching team, and I spent my hours in the gym with some CrossFit, some Powerlifting and some Olympic Weightlifting. During Jeramy’s final deployment before leaving the service, he bought me a barbell and some kilo plates, and that was the beginning of my slide into competitive Olympic Weightlifting. 

My very first comp was an unsanctioned meet in Wichita Falls and I was scared to death but I managed to hit my best Clean & Jerk at that time! When we got home, I was so pumped about the experience, I began planning my year and training around upcoming meets. I have actually PR-ed my Clean & Jerk during 3 of the last 5 sanctioned meets I participated in. And now, because I am an Olympic Weightlifter, I do get to use a barbell for every workout! My only regret is not discovering this sport when I was in my 20’s! 

I hope you can allow me to share my love and passion for Olympic Weightlifting with you during our upcoming Oly Club session! We’re kicking everything off on 7 April and I’d love to help you, no matter how new or seasoned you are in weightlifting!

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Happy Lifting! – Coach Sherrie


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