“This is My Body Right Now”

I was recently listening to one of my favorite podcasts called This is Joy & Claire. They do a lot of focusing on body positivity and have mentioned the phrase “this is my body right now” multiple times. I had to write it down and really think about what this means. 

This is my body right now. 

This is my body right now. To me, this says to accept.. embrace… and appreciate your body at each phase, even if it’s not what you want your body to look like forever! I know reading that you may think “how is that possible?” When I broke this down, a couple things came into play. It’s taking time to realize that we are more than our physical self. It’s taking time to appreciate what our bodies can do regardless of our outward appearance. It’s taking time to accept that our bodies are constantly changing as our phases of life change. 

To work on embracing our body right now, these phrases are important: 

We are more than our pant size.

We are more than the dimples on our skin.

We are more than the number on the scale.

We are more than our muscle definition.

We are more than our body fat percentage. 

We are more than “fill in your biggest insecurity here”

Instead we need to focus on our what our body enables us to do:

Our body enables us to do really hard workouts and push past pain barriers (hello CF Open)

Our (female) body enables us to grow a human and give birth to life! 

Our body enables us to run and jump and play with our kids.

Our body enables us to sing and dance no matter how bad it may be. 

Our body enables us to kiss and hug our loved ones tightly when we’ve had a bad day.

Our body enables us to walk and hike and see really amazing sites.

Our body enables us to think and learn and impact people with our work.

Our body does SO. MANY. AMAZING. THINGS. 

It’s time to stop dwelling on the fact that our body isn’t perfect. To stop poking fun of parts of our body that we hate when we look in the mirror. Instead, it’s time to focus on the good. Thanking our body for doing amazing things! The more gratitude we can give to our body, the better. I challenge you to say something good about your belly or about the size of your legs the next time you start to think something negative. “Thank you legs, for allowing me to squat 150 times yesterday!” 

Through these amazing things our bodies do and as we age, the shape and size of us probably changes. If you were a size 6 ten years ago when you were kid-less, on a sports team workout out twice a day, and able to make food just for you why do you expect to be that same size when EVERYTHING is different now? Comparing our current self to who we once were does nothing beneficial for us. 

Here’s a reminder for you to read when you are struggling:

“This is my body right now. I am accepting my body in this phase. My body is constantly changing. I’m going to practice gratitude towards my body for all it does for me starting today.”



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