10 Signs of Progress You May Not Recognize


Let’s be honest here We can all be hard on ourselves.

We expect so much from ourselves and hardly take time to acknowledge our accomplishments, no matter how big or small. This can be in any aspect of life, but I want to focus on in the gym/nutrition. 

Here are 10 signs of progress with examples that you may have accomplishes without recognizing: 

1. Maintaining your bodyweight. 

-Maybe you haven’t seen the scale move down. But that means it isn’t moving UP, which means progress! 

2.  Getting stronger/ gaining endurance

-You lifted 5 more lbs on your front squat or you were able to run the whole 800 M without stopping or slowing down. (Make sure you are logging your workouts for this reason!)

 3. Clothes fit slightly different

  – Those pants that normally are a pain to button are feeling a little less snug.

4. Small changes in the mirror 

-Is that a little arm definition I see? Or maybe your stomach looks a little flatter? 

5. Losing inches but staying the same weight 

-This can mean an increase of muscle mass and loss of body fat, wooo!

6. More consistency with nutrition 

-You haven’t been eating out as much each week, you’ve been drinking more water regularly, or you skipped the second serving at dinner. 

7.  More consistency with working out

-That Tuesday you really didn’t want to workout, but went anyway.  

8.  Daily activity or hobbies are getting easier

-The stairs don’t leave you completely breathless like they used to or your golf swing has improved (slightly).

9.  More energy throughout the day

-You don’t feel that afternoon slump quite as badly or find more energy in the morning when you wake up. 

10. More confidence and self-control 

-You aren’t as self-conscious in that outfit or you’re able to say “no thanks” to that dessert at a friends house. 

These are just a few examples. I want you to re-read through the list and come up with at least 3 areas that you have made progress in. If this past month has been a struggle towards gym/nutrition, where are 3 other areas that you have made progress in?

Now, how are you going to celebrate? Something that won’t hinder your progress.. Call a friend and tell them because you know they will be SO excited with you. Take 10 -30 minutes to yourself to enjoy the quite, read a book, paint your nails, take a bath, enjoy a hobby, etc. It can be as simple as telling yourself how proud of you that you are! Sounds silly, but it’s important.

Don’t let progress, no matter how small you think it is, go past without acknowledging it! This encourages us to continue to improve and continue to be proud of ourselves. 
What area do you WANT to progress in? Focus on that this week and see how far you can get. 
-Coach Sam 



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