Winning the (Nutrition) Game.

It’s football season, baby!

For some of you that brings excitement and anticipation and for others, it brings an eye roll towards your husbands 😉 With football kicking off, so do football parties, rivalry, “Sunday Funday”, and more drinks and snacks than normal. Chips & dip? Buckets of beer anyone?

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the game, but stay on track with your nutrition.

Prepare yourself mentally. 

  • If you’re heading to a football party or hosting at your house, decide how you’re going to practice self control and portion control. If you go into it blind, you’re likely to not think twice about munching all day and feeling overly full & bloated. Decide WHY you are committed to your goals and that you’ll only enjoy one plate of food, not 3-4! Tracking your food can be a huge help here. This will show you exactly how much you are consuming.

Prepare a healthy dish:

  • Whether attending or hosting, prepare a few healthy dishes that you know are good go-to’s for healthy options. Cut up veggies in place of chips, hummus or a lighter buffalo chicken dip, or cauliflower pizza as the main dish.


  • The more alcohol you drink, the worse your food choices become. Head into the game with a set number of drinks to stick to. Drink water in-between each alcoholic beverage and drink slowly! Choose a light beer or vodka and soda water with lime. I like to take la Croix to sip on instead of plain water when not drinking alcohol.

Stay away from the food table:

  • If you aren’t in reach of the food table, you can’t eat the food! How many times do you pass the food table and snag something off it? Avoiding it takes this issue away.

 Chew gum 

  • Once you’ve enjoyed a plate of food, chew on gum. This distracts you from wanting to mindlessly chew on food.

Have an accountability buddy

  • Have a friend there that is supportive of your health goals and will help hold you accountable to only eat one plate or have one drink!

Schedule an early morning/tough workout the next day

  • Having a commitment the next day tends to dictate your choices towards food and alcohol. If you know you have to do “Fran” at 5 am tomorrow, you probably won’t down 5 slices of pizza and several beers!

Eat at half time

  • You can also limit your eating to just half time. This gives you a window of time to eat slowly, enjoy your plate, and move on once it’s gone. Just don’t treat it as a free for all during that block of time!

Hopefully these tips will help y’all focus on not overdoing it, eating slowly, and enjoying your company. Don’t let game days derail you from your nutrition goals! Looking for accountability and guidance? Schedule a consult today to get started with your journey towards a better you. 



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