Working Out Shouldn’t be a Chore.

My focus for a while was Olympic Lifting. However, after an awesome lifting meet, a shoulder flare up got worse that made lifting heavy over my head painful and impossible. So this left me with my body feeling beat up. I felt pretty defeated and found myself in a rut with what to do. Anyone else understand this feeling? I love CrossFit, but the volume and intensity was just too much on my body. So I needed to find a way to love working gout again. I decided to focus on getting strong, healing my shoulder, and moving my body.

I had been wanting to do strength club for a while and still really wanted to be in group classes because I LOVE working out with my CFUE family. So I signed up. I immediately loved it! The focus is on getting strong, intensity was lower, and Jeramy easily modified for me. On the off days though, I wanted to sweat a little bit. How cool is it that we offer a class called SWEAT!? These workouts continue to kick my BUTT and I love them. I’m there to have fun and focus on moving my body. I’m lighten up the weights, getting new movements and tons of core work in, and SWEATing a ton! 

The best part of my workout regime right now? I’ve been looking forward to my workouts and  have truly been enjoying working out again. Working out shouldn’t feel like a chore or feel like more of a stressor to check off every single day. I’m not saying off days don’t happen because they do, but find what YOU enjoy when it comes to exercise. Maybe that means: Trying CrossFit classes to challenge yourself and learn new skills and a variety of movements. Taking more rest days and prioritizing sleep so you don’t constantly feel beat up. Trying Olympic Lifting Club and pursuing the barbell! Joining Strength Club and getting stronger. Joining SWEAT to move your body. Or maybe it means signing up for personal training to work on your weaknesses. 

We’re here to help you figure out what the best program is for YOU and to help you enjoy working out again. 

-Coach Sam 


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