Failing my PT Test.

Take the time to read this letter written from a wonderful CFUE Member.. It’s inspiring to know that those around you, the ones working out besides you, may have a deeper story than you’re aware of. We all have our own journey and background story. Let’s appreciate ours and get to learn more about our CFUE family!

My CrossFit journey:

This all started when I failed my pt test almost a year ago. When that happened I knew that I had to make a change because that has been the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me! So I started to go to the gym by myself doing the same things everyday but didn’t see any improvements because I didn’t know what to do to change that.

That’s when I found CrossFit unknown Element. I have heard of CrossFit and have seen videos and wanted to try it out cause it looked like it would help. After calling and setting up an initial meeting with Sasha, I already felt like I was on the right road! Walking out of that building I felt like I had taken a step in the right direction.

The next step was getting my foundation classes done! After setting up a time with Jeramy who was very helpful with working around my schedule it was time for my first foundation. I think it is important to say that this was now the most embarrased I have ever been. After warming up I started a basic workout 10 pushups 15 sit-ups 15 air squats and a 100 meter run. Sad to say I only lasted 3 minutes doing this, which ended up in me nearly passing out and feeling very sick. After I was okay I said thank you to Jeremy and apologized for not finishing the workout and went to sat in my car. I sat there for about 15 minutes brought to tears because I was embarrassed how I made my first impression with the gym and how I let myself get so out of shape. It was safe to say at that point I was done trying to go to the gym.

About a week and a half passed by and I got a call asking if I had finished my foundations, still embarrassed I said no and didn’t think I was going to go back, but the staff at CFUE was not going to take that for an answer. To me that showed me that even though I gave up on myself these people weren’t going to do the same. Because they saw that I wanted to change and they knew that I wanted it as well so they pushed me back into that gym. 

I had to overcome my mentality of it’s okay that I let myself come to this point. It was time for me to fix it! I had to tell myself everyday that it will only get better if I get myself into the gym and break myself down so I am able to build myself up. 

Some challenges I had to overcome were being uncomfortable, I had no idea what I was doing! But of course I have had a lot of help from the Staff and the others that attend the classes.  Also again getting over the mental barrier that I can’t do it. There was so many classes that I went to where I wanted to stop the workout and just leave! But with the help of myself and those around me I push though that barrier and finish! Let me tell you there is nothing better in the world laying on the ground exhausted! Knowing that I was able to finish.

The staff helped me in so many ways. Most importantly they believe in me! They saw that I was disappointed in myself, instead of being pushy and trying to get me back in the gym right away they gave me time to get myself back together and when the time was right they helped me get myself back in there. During the workouts also they make sure that I’m not just going through the motions and correct me whenever I am doing something wrong. Both for me and for my health because I have noticed it is very easy to injure yourself by doing the wrong things. 

What’s next for me is to keep getting better! I have set up goals in my first meeting I have had with Sasha and goals I have set up with the nutrition coach Sam that I plan to get done. By far this is one of the hardest things I have done, but I am happy for it because I am getting better, I feel myself improving and I know I am healthier both mentally and physically! I couldn’t have done this on my own and I owe everything to everyone of the coaches at CFUE!

I especially want to thank Sasha, Jeremy, and Sam for starting me on this journey,  continuing to help me through this process, and for always believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. They are the reason why I do this and why I go back again and again! 

-CFUE Member 


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