Why Wait?

Another weekend approaches and I know my nutrition for the week hasn’t

been that great.To add to it, I only made it to the gym once this week. It feels

like this has been a common theme over the last few weeks. I know that I want to

make some changes and I feel really motivated. Oh, but the weekend is only a

couple days away. I think to myself, when Monday comes, I’ll get back on track.

On Sunday I’ll meal prep for the whole week and go to the gym every day. So, for

the next few days my nutrition and my workouts are moved to the back burner.

But it’s no big deal because I have a plan right – to start on Monday. The question

is: How motivated will I feel after several more days of unhealthy food choices

and being out of the gym?

Maybe instead of the weekend approaching it’s the end of another year. You

tried a few different “diets” and saw no results. You started going to the gym

before summer hit, but then life got busy and you couldn’t make it. You’re ready

to make a change and you feel motivated, but it’s November. Turkey day has

come and gone and it’s only a week or two before Christmas parties and family

get togethers. You think to yourself, when January comes, I’ll get back on track.

I’ll set New Year’s resolutions to join the gym and start a diet.

So, what happens when we’re finally ready to make a change? We have two

choices. We can start IMMEDIATELY or we can WAIT. We can set short term

goals and outline small steps to help us reach those goals, or we can think about

unrealistic goals that will outwork the bad choices we will continue to make until

the “appropriate” start time.

Does it really matter what day of the week or time of the year we start? The

answer is no. It’s not any easier to make changes on Monday than it is on Friday

or in January than November. We can rationalize it and say it’s because of the

holidays or the weekends but the problem is, there will always be another

weekend and another holiday. We can learn to start trying to reach our goals no

matter the day of the week or the time of the year. Maybe it’s Thursday or

maybe it’s December 3. If you are tired of things not changing…WHY WAIT?

-Brittney M.


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