Athlete Profile: Geri Veilleux


Geri Veilleux

I joined CrossFit at my last base in Oklahoma. The first crossfit gym was opening up in town and they were having a big opening event. I was hooked from the first day!

My first impression was this was so tough! It kicked my butt everyday but I loved that it challenged all areas of fitness. And since pretty much everyone was new we all grew up in crossfit together. That was pretty special.

I’d have to say my first happiest moment happened when I moved from green plates (10lbs) to the yellow plates (25lbs) for my clean. This will always be one of my favorite memories from Enid Crossfit. It was a Saturday class and we were all cheering for each other. It was a big deal to move to the big plates 🤣🤗

I am working on everything! I love lifting heavy but tend to struggle with cardio or gymnastics centric movements. This year I want to focus on the whole picture- from nutrition, getting quality sleep, and performing my best on workouts. Oh! And running. Running is my Achilles heel. Missy challenged me to run a half marathon in April so that’s been a treat..!

My favorite CFUE memory is the same as above! Moving up from ze baby weights!!