Athlete Profile: William Boulter


I started Crossfit after leaving college overweight and unhappy with my image. I wanted to be a better person for myself, and that turned into being in better shape to join the Air Force as well.

I had never thought about Crossfit because i didn't know what it was. But after my first workout (a 50-40-30-20-10 complex), i had tasted the koolaid full on.

My first bright spot would have to be my first Hero WOD, DT. the numbers were so daunting to look at and i thought there was no way i could get through it. My coaches and friends got me in the right mindset before we started, and i completed it Rx'd.

Now, i'm working on everything. Emphasis on my strength and gymnastics work. I'd love to have a 200kg OLY total by the end of the year. A muscle up or two with that wouldn't upset me either :)

My favorite memory at CFUE would have to be very recent, and rather broad, as i just scored a +90% on my AF PT score, which wouldn't have been possible without all the work that coaches have helped me put in, and the fellow athletes always pushing me to be better.