Athlete Profile: Becca Scogin


I had been doing CrossFit for a little while back in NC and love the community aspect and so before I even moved to Clovis, I found CrossFit Unknown Element and made sure I could jump right in as soon as we arrived.

My first impression was "holy moly, look at these people’s muscles!!"  But mostly, I noticed how inclusive and welcoming everyone was. I moved here alone with my kiddos because my husband was elsewhere for some training, and as soon as the ladies in the 9 am class found out I had driven cross-country solo, they were getting my phone number and inviting me to different outings and really making me feel plugged in, which kept me coming back. And that hasn't changed at all!  I still love walking into class every day and seeing encouraging friends and smiling faces who are ready to suffer alongside me for the next hour or so!

I've had several happy moments since being at CFUE. No offense to my previous coaches, but I suddenly started making huge strides here and I think so much of that has to do with the great programming and coaching (and also an emphasis on proper nutrition!  I'm looking at you, Coach Holly). But if we are getting specific.... finally broke 100 in my overhead squat (a 35 lb PR!), I finally got some kipping pull ups, I can now jump onto the box without having to give myself a pep talk before every single jump, for fear of certain death, and I even Rx a few work outs every now and then.

I'm loving getting stronger but also want to improve on body weight movements--really getting better at full depth squats, better at pull ups, maybe be able to do some reputable toes-to-bar and, as God is my witness, one day I will even attempt to get upside down on that wall! (Hold me)

My favorite memory at CFUE would have to be hitting a 200 pound 3 rep max on my deadlift. It had actually been my 1 rep max goal but I went right ahead for 3 reps instead and my head almost exploded from excitement. It's the same feeling of accomplishment I got from running a marathon -- but it didn't take me 4.5 hours to complete.