Athlete Profile: Skylar Starbuck

I used to read a lot of health/fitness blogs and one blogger I followed (Carrots N Cake) started sharing her journey with CrossFit. I knew that I had to try it and it looked like something I would enjoy. That summer when I was home from college, I googled “CrossFit gym in Clovis, NM” and came across CFUE. I got in touch with Greg, and I haven’t stopped since my first class in May 2014.

Before I tried CrossFit I assumed I would be able to get a hang of the movements and lift heavy weight pretty quickly. Basically, I thought I could do it for a few months and be at Lauren Fisher level (what was I thinking?). However, CrossFit is very humbling, very challenging, and made me see how much strength and learning I had to gain.

Now I’ve accepted that I’ll never truly “master” CrossFit and that there will always be goals to chase. There's always room for improvement in lifts and more strength to gain. The day CrossFit seems easy, is the day I know I need to go harder.

Anytime I lift a heavier weight than I thought I could or I get a movement that I hadn’t been able to get always brightens my day. Just the other day I was able to do body weight dips with no assistance and that was definitely a highlight.

My main focus now is to gain strength in my posterior chain (back & lower body). I’ve been doing some extra work for that during open gym hours.

I can’t nail down a specific favorite memory, but I love doing Murph at CFUE every year. Though Murph is super tough when you’re actually doing it, the purpose behind it and the community here at CFUE makes it gratifying. I believe CFUE has the best community and when everyone comes together to participate in Murph and other events, it’s always a blast! Everyone is always cheering and pushing one another to get the next rep!