Coaches Profile: Sherrie Nymeyer

 A friend of mine, Tim, kept going on and on about how fun it was. I didn't believe him because I heard all the stories about the "WODs" that him and his fellow crossfitters exchanged. In the end, I ended up giving it a try during the coldest month of the year (I went through foundations in below freezing weather at an outside gym).

My impression after my first week is that it was just as tough as I thought it would be. However, I was seeking tough because I had learned that if I wanted a physical change in my body, that's what I needed. I wanted something that would get my heart pumping, sweat dripping, and break me out of my comfort zone. Nowadays, I know that if it's not tough then I'm not pushing past my comfort zone, I'm not going hard enough, and I'm not going to see a change.

My first bright spot while doing crossfit was making a true PR attempt on a squat and feeling what that was like. I almost had to drop the weight but I thought I could hold out a moment longer to get the weight up and I did. Thus, my love affair with lifting heavy was born.

Currently, I'm focused on Olympic Weightlifting: snatch and clean & jerk. It's so humbling and rewarding.

My favorite CFUE memory is a long summer day when Jeramy and I had the gym all to ourselves and we ended up training for about 4 hours. WOD after WOD, we sweated our butts off and it was so exhausting, but SO worth it!