The first day of CrossFit may feel like you're heading into high school for the first time, but I promise it's nowhere close. Change is difficult and starting something new can be too.

We are working to change the mindset of what most think would happen. We listen. Yes, you read that correctly; you are coming to the gym to have a coach tell you what to do but before we start any of that, we listen. Most are confused when I say we “listen”. It's understandable since this is not something seen in most conventional gyms today.

What happens on your first visit? We sit you down. You do the talking, and we listen. If you decide that CrossFit or one of the other programs we offer is something you would like to try, we schedule to sit down for 30 minutes. This is our No Sweat Consult. Before we can prescribe what we feel is going to make you successful, we need to know who you are and what you want to achieve. Whether you want to lose weight or to become the greatest olympic weightlifter out there, we need to make sure that we can fulfill those goals or make sure to provide you with someone that can. You might be confused since I just stated that we may not be able to provide you with the service you intended on coming in for. This is true.  While we offer many different types of programs, your goals may be outside of that range. Our job isn’t for you to sign up for a membership, it's to help you be successful.

After our 30 minutes of conversation, we can prescribe you with the best solution to make you achieve your goals. If CrossFit or Personal Training can get you to the top of the mountain, then we enroll you in our 1-on-1 Foundations program. This consists of two 1-hour sessions, where a coach works with you to understand basic human movement. It will also teach you where your limitations are.

We get many different questions about Foundations and our CrossFit classes when meeting with new members:

-What should I bring?

-What should I wear?

-Will I be working out?

-Can I do this even though I have a ___________ issue?

These are all great questions and we encourage you to ask all of these and more. We want to ease the minds of all new members. The process can be scary and we understand that.

One of very best questions to ask your trainer coach would be: "Why are we doing this exercise?” All professional trainers should be able to explain what each exercise is and why you are doing it. Let me focus in on the “why” for a second. This is really important. In all exercising there needs to be a purpose. If you're doing dumbbell curls, the reason would be to increase the size of your biceps. We should be able to correlate the movements performed to our goals.

As a new member coming into our Foundations program you should be ready for a few different and exciting things. First of all, realize that you are in great hands. All of our coaches take exercise very seriously, and geek out over movement of the human body. They absorb knowledge from the system experts and share it with all members. Second, we want to give everyone that comes through our doors the very best experience possible. From the No Sweat Consult, to the first Foundations class, to the 100th class: we pride ourselves on making sure we give you everything we can from the time you walk through the door until you leave.

If CrossFit is something you've been eyeing for a while or you just want to know more, below is a link to sign up for our No Sweat Consult. Sign up today so you can begin working on an even better version of you!