Athlete Profile: Kristina Goodin

I found out about CrossFit as I was finishing nursing school from a classmate. I went to the “pad” at Cannon AFB for an intro class and attended a few group classes after that. Then one of my friends introduced me to CrossFit Unknown Element and I started coming with her.


My first impression was that CrossFit was WAY different than anything I had done before (even though I hadn’t really been too involved in fitness before then). I was a bit nervous about all the bad things that could happen to me and was pretty hesitant to push myself very much. However, I loved the community and everything CrossFit had to offer me. Once I “got the hang” of it and started feeling more comfortable, I started doing more and working harder and discovered I was more capable than I realized.


The happiest moment that comes to mind first was when I did real push-ups, several in a row, for the first time EVER . . . after completing half Murph! Most recently it would have to be completing Open workout 17.1 RX, the first open workout I’ve done RX.


Currently I am working on increasing strength and improving my physique. I’m also working on improving my nutrition.


My favorite CFUE memory is sharing the experience of the 2016 CrossFit Games with my friends and coaches!