Athlete Profile: Kaci Salazar

My husband, Dominic had wanted to try it for a long time and invited me to come and watch. I was intrigued right away. My first impression was that everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable and I couldn't wait to start even though I was nervous! I can't remember my first "bright spot" but anytime I accomplish anything it's such a huge step for me. Whether it's a PR on a lift, PR on a previous workout, weight loss or just seeing the changes in general it keeps me going and wanting more! Now I'm doing pull up progressions with Keiko, focusing on nutrition with Holly as always and trying to be better than I was yesterday! My favorite CFUE memory would be all the things we all do together. The hang outs, dinners, work outs, etc. I love the community and the comradery we have with each other.