Athlete Profile: Elena Eldridge



Elena Eldridge

I have always enjoyed fitness and when I would see people post on social media about CrossFit, I thought it looked like a great way to work out.

My first impression of CrossFit was “wow! This is really hard and kind of scary, especially going into it not really knowing anyone”. But over time even though I am still very challenged every time I step in the doors of Unknown Element, there is an excitement because I get to work out with amazing people. And it is so rewarding to see how continuing to show up is paying off. Not only for me but for the other athletes I get to work out with.

My first bright spot was climbing a rope. I had always wanted to be able to climb a rope and thanks to my coach Holly for showing me some technique. I was able to climb a rope!

I am working on improving on my technique on pretty much everything and mobility. Also building up stamina in barbell cycling.

There are many CFUE memories but one that sticks out was when we did the Memorial Day EOD workout in 2016. It was a partner workout, which I always love. But the thing that was really special was that as a community we spent time remembering the sacrifices that others have made for us and that workout was done with a greater purpose. It was a sweet time spent with the people of CFUE, who I have so much respect and gratitude for.