Athlete Profile: Lorenzo Hinojosa


      What made me try out CrossFit for the first time was my wife, Susan had joined CFUE and had been a member for a couple of months. I decided to join since she said it was "fun"! My first day, I was pretty intimidated when I first walked in, but having awesome coaches and getting to know other members is what made me want to keep coming back. My first bright spot was competing in the Autumn Games in Albuquerque. I was really out of my comfort zone but glad I did it. I am currently working on Strength club! I need to get stronger! My favorite CFUE memory so far was doing my first wod!


Athlete Profile: Samantha Lewis


Samantha Lewis

My friends were the ones who got me into CrossFit in the first place! I am so glad they did. The coaches are so engaged in everyone’s success and want to help in any way possible to help the members attain their goals. I am thankful my friends and coaches are such supportive people because it really keeps me coming back to root for them too. I want to be consistent in all of my goals. Gym, Nutrition, College. I’m doing great, but its always a work in progress! I would have to say my favorite memories at the gym are the big hero workouts like Murph where everyone is working hard and cheering each other on! The environment is electric.

Athlete Profile: Geri Veilleux


Geri Veilleux

I joined CrossFit at my last base in Oklahoma. The first crossfit gym was opening up in town and they were having a big opening event. I was hooked from the first day!

My first impression was this was so tough! It kicked my butt everyday but I loved that it challenged all areas of fitness. And since pretty much everyone was new we all grew up in crossfit together. That was pretty special.

I’d have to say my first happiest moment happened when I moved from green plates (10lbs) to the yellow plates (25lbs) for my clean. This will always be one of my favorite memories from Enid Crossfit. It was a Saturday class and we were all cheering for each other. It was a big deal to move to the big plates 🤣🤗

I am working on everything! I love lifting heavy but tend to struggle with cardio or gymnastics centric movements. This year I want to focus on the whole picture- from nutrition, getting quality sleep, and performing my best on workouts. Oh! And running. Running is my Achilles heel. Missy challenged me to run a half marathon in April so that’s been a treat..!

My favorite CFUE memory is the same as above! Moving up from ze baby weights!!

Athlete Profile: Elena Eldridge



Elena Eldridge

I have always enjoyed fitness and when I would see people post on social media about CrossFit, I thought it looked like a great way to work out.

My first impression of CrossFit was “wow! This is really hard and kind of scary, especially going into it not really knowing anyone”. But over time even though I am still very challenged every time I step in the doors of Unknown Element, there is an excitement because I get to work out with amazing people. And it is so rewarding to see how continuing to show up is paying off. Not only for me but for the other athletes I get to work out with.

My first bright spot was climbing a rope. I had always wanted to be able to climb a rope and thanks to my coach Holly for showing me some technique. I was able to climb a rope!

I am working on improving on my technique on pretty much everything and mobility. Also building up stamina in barbell cycling.

There are many CFUE memories but one that sticks out was when we did the Memorial Day EOD workout in 2016. It was a partner workout, which I always love. But the thing that was really special was that as a community we spent time remembering the sacrifices that others have made for us and that workout was done with a greater purpose. It was a sweet time spent with the people of CFUE, who I have so much respect and gratitude for.