Unknown Element Olympic Weightlifting Club

Brought to you by CrossFit Unknown Element, the Unknown Element OLY Club is designed for those individuals looking for the following:

  • Become a better CrossFitter through improved Olympic Lifting movements

  • Compete in Olympic Weightlifting

  • Become a stronger and more explosive athlete

At CFUE we recognize that maximum proficiency in Olympic Lifting movements is challenging to accomplish in a standard CrossFit class format. We also have a growing interest within our community for more specialized training and competitive Olympic Weightlifting.

Unknown Element Olympic Weightlifting Club will be led by coach Jeramy Bryd

  • Head Coach at CFUE

  • Sports Performance Coach (USAW-L1SP)

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

  • Crossfit Competitors Certification


  • Next session to be announced

  • 6 weeks

  • 2 workouts per week with in-depth practice and close attention to movements and technique.

  • 1 hour sessions