October 2018


CrossFit Unknown Element will be open on Columbus Day for our 9:00am and 11:30 am classes. *childcare will be available*

October 2-25: CrossFit Kids (Drop-Ins available, $12)

October 19: Wine & WOD (RSVP’s Required)

October 27: Rowing Clinic at CFUE, 9:00-10:30am

Whenever rowing in conjunction with other exercises in a CrossFit workout, the rowing portion tends to negatively impact the rest of the workout. This is due to inefficient technique. In this clinic, we will break down proper rowing technique for maximum efficiency, and will help improve your ability to get off the rower with more energy to finish the rest of your workout.

Reserve your spot NOW!
This Saturday Clinic is open to the community.
Cost is $20.

November Events

11/2 - CrossFit Kids - SIGN-UP

11/4 - ROMWOD & Coffee

11/10 - Back Health Clinic

11/17 - EOD Event - More Information