CFUE Longevity

CFUE Longevity is for any & all community members looking to regain or find a basic level of physical activity & early stage athletic conditioning in small group setting, regardless of prior experience, age, current ability or health factors.

May 7th - 30th

Support & Encouragement

Members can look forward to gradually increasing their ability to independently carry out a range of fundamental movements using just their body weight under the close guidance, support & encouragement of a certified trainer. On occasion & at their own discretion members could use additional implements for an extra challenge.



The outcome for members is the self-confidence to move better with more efficiency, energy & strength while also understanding how to better mobilize/warm-up, recover & mitigate the possibility of strain, discomfort or injury.


CFUE Longevity Club can benefit members with improved physical independence & mental confidence in their daily lives with a view to elevating both their quality of life as well as overall capacity to thrive & flourish for longer.