Staying On Track at Gatherings

We love getting together with friends and family to celebrate and hang out. However, they can easily derail you from your goals when they are filled with delicious foods!

So here are just a few tips to consider when heading to your next potluck, BBQ, or party.

  • Take your own healthier dish. You can still enjoy delicious foods by finding a healthier version!

  • Chug, chug, chug.. water!! All day and throughout the evening.

  • LIMIT your alcohol. Stick to light beer, spiked seltzers, or dry red wine. 1-2 drinks is ideal.

  • Grab one plate of food, eat it slowly, and really think about the foods as you eat them. Mindless eating leads to overeating.. Is it worth another bite?

  • Seat yourself away from the snack table. If you can't reach it, you can't eat it ;)

  • Once you feel satisfied, chew on gum. This always prevents me from continuing to eat or drink.

  • Have an accountability buddy. Have someone hold you accountable for one plate and then staying away from the food table!

Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas on how not to go overboard. Enjoy things in moderation and move on. Remember it's about the people and experience, not the food!
-Coach Sam

Sam Wheeler