My Mobility Helped Me Reach my Goal

Do you have a hip, knee or other ailment that's been bothering you and haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what has been causing it?

I love to squat. I get excited when there are squats in WODs or in my programming because it’s one of my favorite movements. Well, I’ve been having knee pain, so guess what is being affected? On a side note, I haven’t been able to pistol squat on my left side (same side with the knee pain). I’ve been scratching my head for years about this and I’ve been blaming it on ankle flexion. Today, Coach Jeramy watched me try to find a non-painful way to work on my goat “pistols” and decided to assess my hip mobility. He then put me through a banded distraction stretch for my hip. The entire time I laid on the ground, I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be feeling, and figured it wasn’t working. Low and behold, we tested a full pistol on my left side and I got it!! First time I’ve pistol squatted on my left leg!! Then I went back and forth between legs and also noticed a reduction in knee pain.

Mobility is worth the time. None of us really want to take the time to do it, but we all can benefit... even coaches!

-Coach Sherrie

Sam Wheeler