Mindset Is Key.

Every morning I wake up and have to have a mental struggle with myself. Do I stay in bed an extra five minutes? Do I make my bed this morning or not worry about it because I’m the only one who sees it anyways? Do I stick to my eating schedule and have my healthy breakfast? Or do I get in on the work chow run for breakfast burritos because they’re amazing?

My biggest issue everyday is my food choices. It isn’t easy for me to consistently say no to having that post-work beer, the lunch run to Wendy’s, or eating an entire box of Mac and Cheese for dinner. These are all cravings I’ll probably always have, and that’s ok. There’s a time and place to indulge. But what are my immediate goals? What are my long term goals? I made a goal to put on the Whiteboard with Coach Sasha to “Eat to Perform”. Every day I came in and had eaten well the day before, I would make a tally. After the first week of 5 straight days I wanted to have that cheat meal Saturday, which knowing myself, could lead to another cheat meal on Sunday. But how great would it feel to come in on Monday and make two marks on that board instead of zero? I changed my mindset. Don’t just make 5 marks a week. Make 7. Minimum 6. My goal evolved into a new challenge for myself. After those first two weeks the struggle bus was in full effect. The cravings were REAL. But.... my performance that week was up. My workouts were better. I felt more energized on Monday morning not groggy from my weekend nutrition choices. The tally’s would continue. I had no date or event in mind, I just wanted to see how far I could go. 30 days? 60? Sometimes you don’t need a date in mind. Sometimes you just want to see if you can do it.

10 days became 20. 20 days became a month. There were cheat meals and beers here and there. And I held myself accountable to not make a tally. I didn’t like not making that tally Monday morning. It became a simple, but effective push to be better that next week. Then all of a sudden, there was a weightlifting meet in Albuquerque. It was 1 month away and I decided to register. I checked the scale. 4 kilos lighter than my normal “hovering” weight. But i wasn’t dieting or trying to cut weight. I was just eating well and holding myself accountable. The results were there and I knew if I continued my trend I could go down a full weight class! I had a new goal. The plus side was I had been doing everything to achieve this goal already! I just had to continue.

Very long story short: Meet week comes along and I make weight, a full 5kg under my weigh-in weight from the same meet the year before. Because of my lower weight class I was within reach of qualifying for nationals based on my numbers. I qualified. On the nose.

 Mindset is Key. A mindset to keep my goal going for no other reason than I wanted to do it. I wanted to be some better version of myself and this was the immediate step i wanted to take. I was rewarded with a goal I never knew I had. Keep your mindset strong today. Then let it be a strong mindset for a week. Then a month. Who knows what you could accomplish? Go find out.

-Coach Will 

Sam Wheeler