Going Against the Norm!

Do you ever feel self-conscious about making healthy food choices when around other people without similar goals?

I’ve found myself having a similar conversation with nutrition clients and friends lately. We were talking about tips/how to make healthy choices when going out to eat or going to social gatherings. They brought up others giving them a hard time for making a healthier choice or pressuring them into eating a certain food. Who else has come across this issue?  

Unfortunately, it's something that happens often. If this happens to me, I just politely say "no thank you". If they are persistent, I say that I have goals and that piece of pizza or cake isn’t going to help me get there. If you aren’t comfortable saying that, blame it on a stomach ache or that particular food doesn’t settle well in your stomach. 

It can make you feel insecure when you are at a restaurant with a group of friends and order a salad with dressing on the side and no cheese, or a burger minus the bun with veggies instead of fries, but the main thing to remember is.. this is for YOU and YOUR goals! People will have their opinion or may judge you, but it’s likely because they feel insecure about their food choices and are jealous of your self control. They will feel better about eating that plate of fried food if they aren’t the only one doing it. Do your food choices affect them? Well hopefully it will get them thinking about healthier choices, but other than that, not at all! If they aren’t supportive in you trying to better yourself, have a conversation about how their comments bother you. If they still can’t be supportive, maybe it's time to rethink who you are spending your time with. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for no oil, no butter, no salt, replace the fries with veggies, no bun please, no mayo.. etc when out to eat. Again, it’s your goals and it’s the servers job to accommodate your dietary needs. I always just let them know that my order is kinda of complicated and make a joke about it and they are normally very accepting of my order and willing to help! 

Bottom line: Don’t let others judgements of your eating habits prevent you from reaching your goals! Hopefully your healthier choices will lead others to think twice about their food order as well. 

-Coach Sam 

Sam Wheeler