Do You Struggle Staying On Track While Traveling?

 Here is some total honesty from your nutrition coach.. I came back weighing 4 lbs less than when I left for our business conference in Chicago. I don’t think I have EVER came back from traveling with weight lost! I normally come back feeling bloated, heavy, and like I indulged way too much. Sound familiar?

Staying on track while traveling has always been difficult for me. But this weekend, I did some things differently. Biggest difference? I went into it with the right mindset. I had the intent of not overdoing and to make a conscious effort to think twice about my decisions towards food. 

Now everything didn’t go as planned. I didn’t workout the entire time we were gone and I definitely did not drink as much water as I normally do. This is where I practiced what I preach! I focused on what I could control and didn’t stress about what I couldn’t. It’s the small things that make a difference. 

 I recommend to my nutrition clients to chose one meal a day to splurge a bit instead of every meal being a free for all. For instance, I decided to keep breakfast lower calorie since I knew I’d be eating out and not be in complete control of the calories the rest of the day. Each morning I had an RX bar and a protein shake with black coffee to tide me over until lunch. 

I knew dinner was were I would splurge a bit on my choices, so I kept lunch pretty clean like getting a turkey burger without the bun and a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad. Those small choices of no bun or a side salad instead of fries saved me hundreds of calories! It’s all about balance. If I would have had all the fries, cheeseburgers with buns, or several alcoholic drinks each day, I would have gone overboard. 

I want you guys to remember that life is about enjoyment and not stressing over our food choices. Eat until you are comfortable, not completely stuffed. Go into your travel time with the right mindset of staying mostly on track vs. indulging every chance you can. Remember that it IS possible to travel and not regress in the progress you make. 

Do you need accountability and guidance with your nutrition? Do you always go crazy with your eating when out of town? Click here-> Let’s talk. With accountability and some helpful tips, we can keep you on track and allow you to continue to see progress. 


-Coach Sam

Sam Wheeler