Do You Compare to Who You Used to Be?

Negative self talk is toxic. Especially when talking about who you used to be. That 1RM back squat you just hit doesn't even come close to your squat 2 years ago! Or you used to have abs but those are loooong gone and never coming back. Your cardio sucks compared to a year ago. Even "I'm fat and old now." We dwell so much on what we used to be, the condition we used to be in, or the strength that we once had. 

Guess what? It doesn't matter what you used to be. That person is gone. How about we embrace where we are in life and appreciate the ability to workout. 

Maybe you used to workout two times a day and eat well. Now you are married and have two babies that make life a little more complicated. Or maybe now you work twelve hour days and are traveling all the time. Is it realistic to compare your fitness levels before this life change to what they are now? NO WAY. So maybe you may never snatch 185 lbs again. Is that a goal that you need to hit to live a healthy life? Is that going to help you be a better husband, parent, or coworker? 

Let's stop comparing who we are now, our fitness levels, and our aesthetics to who we used to be. Let's make a promise to ourselves to accept and appreciate where we are now. Talk positive to yourself and be EXCITED about the opportunity to improve. There is no saying you NEED to get back to what you once were. Look at it as a part of your past and appreciate that phase. Love working out because it makes you feel strong, mentally clearer, and because it feels good to sweat! 

Fitness levels and commitment will come and go as life goes through seasons, but let's try to appreciate where you are in each one. 

-Coach Sam 

Sam Wheeler