Are you ready to make a change?

I decided to participate in 28-day Summer Nutrition Challenge with my clients. 

I was in a rut of eating whatever I wanted, drinking too much and too often, and not feeling like myself. My workouts felt crappy, I was very tired all the time, my brain was foggy, my mood was "bleh", and my skin was not at its best. Aside from that, I wasn’t happy with how I looked in the mirror. So I needed something to hold me accountable to get back on track. 

Throughout the 4-weeks, I meal prepped on Sundays, ate Whole Foods, limited sugar intake, and cut out dairy and gluten as those don’t settle well with me. The cravings and temptation were real, but I went the 28 days without having a sip of alcohol, treat, or cheat meal. By week 2 I already felt lighter, had more energy, and my workouts were feeling better!

At the end of the challenge, I lost 7.4 lbs, 2.4 % Body fat, and 3.3 inches overall. I was extremely happy to see the weight come off, but that wasn't the most important take away for me. I have so much energy and I’m waking up energized and ready to tackle the day. My workouts feel great and I feel stronger. My joints feel less inflamed. I have less cravings. My mood has drastically improved! I’m genuinely happier and have less mood swings. Also, I reminded myself I can go out with my friends and go to social gatherings and not drink! I went to a concert and crushed la Croix and had so much fun. It’s possible people!

The main reason I’m telling you all this isn't to boast about my weigh loss. It's to show you that as your nutrition coach, I still mess up. I wasn't afraid to say okay, it's time to make a change. Was I nervous? Yes because I knew it was going to be hard- it isn’t easy! Temptation is real and sacrifices will have to be made. You’ll have to say no when you don’t want to. But the hard work is WORTH IT. If you put in the work and stay CONSISTENT, you will see the results you want! If you are not seeing results, what went wrong? Do you have accountability? That was the biggest thing for me. Nutrition isn’t easy, but it’s easier when you aren’t doing it alone. 

-Coach Sam 

Sam Wheeler