4 Tips To Survive Summer Outings!

Summer has arrived! 

Summer is a wonderful time. BBQ's, Holidays, pool and lake days, and vacations! With all of these exciting events and summer celebrations, it can create nutrition uncertainties and inconsistent schedules. Maybe you even have a lighter work load and more time on your hands left to browse the food pantry.  

Regardless of your summer plans, don't stress! There are many ways to stay on track and keep the progress you have made. The last thing we want is to lose all the hard work you have put into creating the body and habits you want to keep. 

 1. Track your food in MyFitnessPal:  Having that visual of how much food you're actually eating helps you to stay on track and you are less likely to eat off plan. Don’t avoid entering meals if you “went over.” That's okay! Have your treat and move on, but be aware of what you are consuming.

2. Eat vegetables first: For every meal, continue to fill up on vegetables first. By doing this, you load up on nutrients and fiber and tend to consume fewer calories in the long run. Eat protein second, then your carb. 

3. Plan ahead for travel meals: If you are traveling, think about meals ahead of time! Pack easy snacks such as RX Bars, trail mix, turkey jerky, and whey protein. Make sure you always have a quick snack for when you are hungry to avoid overeating or stopping at fast food options.  

4. Monitor your alcohol intake: Alcohol can make or break your calories AND recovery. Try to stick to 1-2 drinks and consume water between each drink. Keep an eye on the amount of sugar in your drinks. Avoid sugary, premixed drinks and stick to clear liquors or wine. This will help cut your sugar and calorie intake.

Don't let summertime derail your progress or attempts to Clean up your diet. Let's take control of your eating and overcome the trials. Use these times to build healthy habits!


 -Coach Sam

Sam Wheeler