3 Simple Tips to Win the Week

Sometimes life can seem daunting. Maybe the past two weeks have been awesome and you’ve felt like you’re crushing life! Then this week something hit and you’re feeling the weight of life on your shoulders. Unexpected things happen and that negative talk can sneak into your mind and seem to take over with you unable to override it. I know the feeling. It can be really hard to get out of a funk or even just a bad mood one day. Here are three things that I find help me:

1.) Focus on you:

You will always be too big, too small, too loud too quiet, etc, for someone.  Stop thinking about what you can do to fit into others views of you and stay aligned with what feels right to be YOU. Take a moment and really think. What feels right to you? What do YOU think? What do you WANT? What’s important to you and will this aim you in that direction?

It can be really easy to focus on your kids, spouse, job, keeping the house clean, being a friend to someone who needs you, etc…pleasing everyone but yourself. Ignoring what is going on in YOUR mind and letting yourself fall to the wayside. This week I want you to focus on YOU first. And not in a selfish way. Just small things to be happy with yourself. Maybe that means setting aside 5 minutes before your kids wake up to sit and read your bible or finally getting a babysitter to have that date night. Or saying no to that party because what you really want is to sit on the couch and relax. Listen to what YOU want. 

2.) Celebrate the small stuff:

When was the last time you celebrated something? Think of things you’ve accomplished the past week. It could be that you passed that test, PR’d a lift, folded and put away the laundry, or didn’t explode on your child when they asked you for a cookie for the 10th time. These are ALL wins, no matter how small! 

I encourage you to acknowledge even the smallest of victories and encourage yourself for doing a good job. You are doing a good job. Even though it may not seem like, celebrate the small stuff and give yourself credit when it’s due. Celebration can be telling your mom on the phone and having her compliment you, simply stopping to smile and tell yourself “way to go, you DID IT!”, planning a trip you’ve been wanting to take, or something that brings you joy. 

3.) Keep your sense of humor: 

Why so serious? If we can’t find ways to laugh and shake things off, we’re going to be taking a lot of painful hits. The next time you drop a glass in the kitchen and spend 5 minutes sweeping, try laughing at yourself and shaking it off versus being mad at yourself for the next half hour. Trust me, life is too short to be irritated every time something goes wrong. Snatches make you think, “I have no idea what I’m doing?” Try giggling and calmly focusing on a cue from the coach instead of being pissed the whole hour. Life is too short to not laugh at ourselves through the ups and downs! Plus, life is a lot more fun this way. 

Sam Wheeler